Terms & Conditions

1.This agreement is between you and Employment Law Services Limited (‘we/us’), which is trading under the name Virtual Employment Law Academy.

2. We will provide an online course on employment law, covering material similar to an undergraduate degree level course, along with associated benefits (‘the course’).

3. Although we will make every effort to stick to the published timetable for teaching the modules (and for tutorial and Q&A sessions), we may occasionally need to change a date/time due to illness, technology problems, or similar unplanned-for events.

4. Limitation of liability: Nothing in the course or any bonuses (including Q&A sessions, tutorials, assessments, coaching calls or community content) amount to legal advice or the provision of legal services. They are for educational purposes only.  If you want legal advice, please contact a lawyer.

5. We will take all reasonable care to make sure the content of the course, printed materials and other content such as Q&A sessions, assessments, coaching calls or community content is correct as of October 2022, the date of the course launch. Any liability for negligence, or for any error or omission, is limited the price you paid to purchase the course.  If you want us to have a higher level of liability towards you, please contact us before buying and we can investigate obtaining insurance to cover any losses you may incur (although we are under no obligation to do so if such insurance is not reasonably available).  If we can obtain insurance for higher levels of cover, and subject to your agreement, we will charge you the premium at cost, plus a 100% markup (minimum £200) as an administration fee.

6. You agree that the lecturers and tutors on the course (including Daniel Barnett and John Sprack) are not parties to this agreement and that you shall not have any claim against them in negligence or for any other breach of legal obligation arising out of your purchase or use of the course.

7. The law taught on this course is employment law for England, Wales and Scotland. It is not applicable to Northern Ireland or countries outside the UK. Tribunal procedure in Scotland is slightly different from that in England & Wales, and module 16-18 will focus on English/Welsh procedure.

8. Any promotional discounts offered are redeemable only when you pay up-front for the course.  If you elect to pay in instalments, the discounts are not applicable.

9. Guarantee: You may request your purchase price back at any time before change the final online seminar is delivered to the end of term one, and we shall refund you within three working days.

10. Data Processing and Confidentiality: Your data will be processed in the following ways:-

(a) your card payment information will be processed by our payment gateways (either WooCommerce or GuestList, and Stripe). We do not see, nor hold, your payment information.

(b) we will retain details of your purchase (name, organisation, email address, date of purchase and package) for approximately seven years. We keep it for that long as the normal limitation period for any claims against us is six years.  Nothing in this clause, though, undermines the limitation of liability set out above.

(c) we share the data in (b) with MailChimp, an online email app that we use to communicate with you.

(d) we will share your email address and name with Zoom, which we use for transmitting the live sessions

(e) if you choose to subscribe to our Slack community, any data you enter will be held by Slack subject to their terms and conditions.

11. You may be invited to join Q&A sessions, tutorials, coaching calls or to ask questions or contribute on our Slack (or other) community networks. If you do:-

(a) the exclusion of liability in respect of the lecturers and tutors on the course, and the limitation of liability for us, applies to anything said or done in that group or those sessions as it does to the product;

(b) you agree to keep confidential any information you learn about others in the Slack group or on the Q&A/tutorial/coaching sessions;

(c) you recognise that any information you share in the Slack group or on the Q&A/tutorial/coaching sessions may thereby enter the public domain, and we are not responsible for that. In particular, you agree that we are under no obligation to enforce clause 7(b) against anybody else in the Slack group or Q&A/tutorial/coaching sessions, and that if you ask us and we agree to do so, you will indemnify us against any legal costs and reasonable management time (management time charged at £100+VAT per hour).  Further, you agree to pay us reasonable sums on account of legal costs and management time, and any failure to do so means we cease to be under any obligation to help you.

12. Tutorials, Assessments and Certificate of Completion: Premium and Diamond members will be assigned to a tutorial group, led by an assigned tutor, to discuss the week’s topics and work through real-life case scenarios.   In the event the tutor cannot attend a session, we will attempt to provide a substitute and, it that is not possible, we reserve the right to reschedule the session.

13. Premium and Diamond members will be given two optional written assessments. Subject to the assignments being returned within three months of the date of the final online seminar, they will be returned with detailed feedback and a grade (Distinction, Merit, Pass, Fail).  If you fail, you will be given the opportunity to resubmit the paper within one month.  All those who pass the two written assessments will be sent a framed Certificate of Completion.

14. Lunch/Dinner at Lincoln’s Inn: The tour of the Temple (Diamond members), and lunch (Premium members) or dinner (Diamond members) at Lincoln’s Inn are subject to Covid restrictions. A variety of dates will be offered.  Once you book a date, you cannot change it (as we have to commit to pay for lunch/dinner to Lincoln's Inn). In the unlikely event we reschedule your lunch/dinner, we will reimburse you any travel or accommodation expenses.

15. Scholarships: We offer six full scholarships under the ‘Essential’ package.  To apply, please see our website.  Application deadlines apply.  It is a condition of grant of a full scholarship that (a) your name is published on our website; and (b) you provide a written testimonial after the course and a photograph, which we can use when marketing subsequent cohorts.  We will not give any feedback on unsuccessful applications.

16. Free enrolment into subsequent cohort: Diamond members receive free enrolment into the ‘Essential’ package for the subsequent cohort under such terms and conditions as apply at the time. If, for any reason, we do not run a further cohort, we will refund you £750+VAT (pro-rated accordingly if you received a discount from the full £5665+VAT price for Diamond membership).